Chilli(dry red/green)

Gives a spice kick to the curry. The dried red chili is one of the key ingredients in the curry powder.


Once we (me and my husband) moved to Denmark in 2013, I started to explore a bit further. I taught Indian Home Cooking class to my friends who were interested in knowing about the various spices and cooking styles. As much as learning to cook the dishes, I also took up catering events for an NGO organization called Crossing Borders. Having seen the warm welcome I got from the events and the cooking classes, I believed there is a good market out there for good alternate food.

I was very skeptical to convert my passion into a business model, for my biggest concern was it will be overwhelming to cook the same dishes over and over again and I would lose my passion for cooking. Still not convinced to go commercial, one day we came up with an idea of starting an online food and catering service business which would give me the flexibility to be creative and explore different dishes every week without being overwhelmingly commercial. With this idea in hand, I got help from 2 of our greatest friends – Sangeetha and Susanne who literally pushed me to kick start the project “The CPHLunchbox”. They are the biggest contributors along with my husband in this journey so far.

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